Save the Children launches counter of feminicide of girls
 in Mexico

viernes 6 marzo 2020

Save the Children launches counter of feminicide of girls
 in Mexico

• The counter intends to raise awareness regarding the fact that girls in Mexico are being subjected to the maximum expression of violence, only by being women

 • Save the Children Mexico joins the national strike on March 9th, in protest against the conditions of inequality and violence suffered by women

• The organization urges society to sign at to force the state to take action to eradicate all forms of violence against girls and adolescents 

Mexico City, March 6th, 2020. Gender-based homicides of women and girls are a serious global problem. In 2017, 87.000 women and girls were killed, 50.000 of them by their partners or family members; which means that every day 137 women worldwide are killed by a family member1. In addition, in 2018 at least 3.529 women were victims of femicide in 25 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean2

 In the case of Mexico, girls and adolescents are also at risk just for being women. Only in January 2020, every two days a girl or adolescent became a victim of femicide. By now, 3.000 girls or adolescents are missing, and 4 out of every 10 victims of sexual abuse in the country are under the age of 18, most of them are girls.

"In Mexico, the life of girls and adolescents is in danger. Due to their gender, they face the possibility of being killed, abused or experiencing other forms of violence that can permanently affect them. This context urges us, the State and society, to give a response that ends all forms of violence they experience. To achieve this, we need to understand the forms and causes of gender violence, make visible the particular difficulties they face as minors and women, have public policies they address, and hasten a cultural change that guarantees equality of gender", said Maria Josefina Menendez, CEO of Save the Children in Mexico. 

Feminicide of girls and adolescents in Mexico, 2015 - 2020

In this context, Save the Children Mexico will launch on International Women's Day a counter of feminicide of girls, in order to show that girls and adolescents are being victims of extreme violence against women.  

The counter is an initiative to combine efforts to increase the visibility of gender-based violence experienced by women under 18 in Mexico, which intends to raise social awareness and to demand the government to act to eradicate all forms of violence against girls and adolescents.

In addition to the counter of feminicide of girls, Save the Children Mexico will undertake two additional actions regarding the International Women's Day. It will join the national strike on March 9th, in protest against the conditions of inequality and violence experienced by women in the country.  

Furthermore, the organization will launch the campaign #NiñasSinMiedo (Girls Without Fear) and calls on society to sign the petition at to urge the Mexican government to implement an emergency strategy as well as to carry out the following actions:

  • Putting the rights of girls and adolescents at the center of decisions.
  • Strengthen the capacities of public institutions to prevent, resolve, sanction and eradicate all forms of violence against children, including a gender perspective.
  • Ensure that any measures taken to prevent the femicide of girls and adolescents have a human rights and gender focus.
  • Recognize the criminal character of femicides throughout the country and ensure the use of appropriate investigation protocols with a gender perspective.
  • Provide redress for all girls and adolescent victims of violence, and facilitate all mechanisms to access restitution of rights and justice.
  • Provide justice in all cases of femicide.
  • Develop campaigns of cultural transformation that contribute to the reduction of violence against girls and women by questioning gender roles and stereotypes and promoting actions from a culture of peace and a human rights-based approach. 

While there have been global achievements in gender equality, women and girls still face discrimination and violence in all parts of the world. Much work remains to be done to protect women and girls and to end harmful practices that threaten their rights and lives.  

We at Save the Children call for international legal standards on women's equality to end the gender inequality that persists in many countries around the world.

We want girls and young women to be free to learn, to live and to be safe from violence.

We want girls to live without fear #NiñasSinMiedo


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